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What is Muscle Manipulation Therapy?

Muscle Manipulation Therapy (MMT) is the alignment of muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilages, blood vessels, nerves and fibrous tissues to parts of the body that have misaligned for one reason or another. After manipulation (Neuromuscular therapy), the body can then proceed to heal the affected area and within a short time, a full recovery likely result.

Using Neuromuscular therapy we gain a clear understanding of the issues each patient is experiencing, then design a program to address specific issues and overall working of the individual muscles and the body as a whole.

After every appointment, our therapist will chart your progress, making detailed clinical notes and adjusting your program as necessary to ensure your health continues improving every day.

How to Get Started

First, schedule an office visit with Elite Wellness Center. Based on your comprehensive consultation, your provider will determine if we can help with our Neuromuscular therapy. 

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